Harmony in Relationships

Relationships play a major role in shaping up our character, personality & life as a whole.   Happy, healthy relationships take work. The persons involved must understand that there is give and take, and that they may have to compromise sometimes.

Where do you prioritise ‘relations’ in your list.  Check – ‘relations’ are for you or ‘You’ are for relations.
What percentage would you give to yourself in the roles of a good father/mother, husband, wife, children, boss, subordinate…..

  • Relations with Spouse
  • With children & youngsters
  • With Daughter-in-law
  • With mother/father in law
  • With bosses/colleagues/co-workers
  • With Self

One who has a friendly relationship with the self,  shall always have good relations with others too.
Spiritual counselling  with regular of practice of Rajyoga Meditation helps one & all to understand, work, improve & harmonise relations.

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