Art of Parenting

Art of Parenting

  • Healthy Parent-Child Relations
  • How to modify sanskars of childre
  • How to induce family values
  • Stress Management thru Rajyoga Meditation

Today,  all parents want to become friends for their children. But when it comes to giving right & positive sansakars to a child, only a Mother & Father can give sanskars.  Friends can only help & support.  And right from the birth of the child and upto the teen age, a child should be induced with right sanskars by way of inducing values essentially with kindness. Friends surely are needed for children, but after teen age when a child starts to develop his/her own frame of mind.

So, be a good parent first,  and then become their friends.

Basic spiritual understandings about the inner mechanism of all human beings give one & all a correct understanding of the functionality of the three powers that any individual uses – Mind, Intellect & Sanskars – to think, decide, follow, behave, etc.  This shall help parents to modify any of the wrong sanskar and also educe values into the mind of the child.

Today’s child needs more of proper understanding and right guidance at the right time.

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